Guaranteed Quality

Our fibreglass pools are developed using industry leading standards to ensure a quality, lasting product every time. Our technicians maintain a thorough knowledge of emerging techniques and materials within the composites industry to ensure that we produce the best products possible. We closely monitor the development through each phase to create products with incomparable structural integrity and a smooth, safe finish.

We have centered our business in a small rural town. This allows us to support the local community and significantly lowers our overhead. We therefore invest more capital and time into the workmanship and products, making our pools the best that money can buy in this price range.

As a division of Performance Poly-Tek, a long-standing fiberglass tooling and manufacturing company, our trusted team has years of experience in delivering excellent quality fibreglass products on a local and global scale.

Our design team consulted with numerous pool installers in Western Canada, to determine how best to tailor our product to their client’s needs. Based on this, we found that additional sidewall strength is needed for our Canadian climate. We decided to incorporate horizontal stiffening ribs around the body of the pool.

We then went one step farther and added a complete welded frame with built-in anchoring points along the center rib of the pool. This allows for additional anchors that can be trenched back from the pool into virgin ground and attached to the aluminum frame helping to prevent any wall movement.

An installed Otter Pool in Salmon Arm

“Here’s a couple of pics of our awesome new Otter Pool….best decision ever!”

∼ A recent Salmon Arm customer

An installed Otter Pool in Salmon Arm
relaxing in the pool

Ultimate Luxury

Whether you are looking for calm, stress-free tranquility or the ultimate family-friendly fun zone, our pool is for you. Our pools will help you wash the day’s stress away while you float and unwind, support your fitness and healing goal, or create the best splash from the perfect cannonball.

Otter Pools products are designed to provide you with the ultimate escape, containing desirable features such as ample bench seating and a gentle non-slip surface for safety. We feel that a pool should allow you to indulge in the luxury that your hectic life typically denies you. We also understand that tranquility is not just achieved from a gentle swim, but also from the peace-of-mind of knowing that your investment will last and will not cause further headaches down the road.

Make Unforgettable Memories

While we expect that one of our pools will be with your family forever, we know that the memories created in it will be. In today’s often hectic world, it can be difficult to find the opportunity to come together with your loved ones and enjoy an incredible experience. We know that our pools provide the perfect place for bonding and creating memories; the best part of this is that this can happen right in your own backyard!

Making memories with loved ones is the best way to enjoy your free time. Whether you are socializing with friends or watching your children play, our integrated bench seating is perfect. Our 28 ft of seating will become the preferred gathering point at your home, because who doesn’t love hanging out in a pool!

family fun in the pool

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Otter Pools is Western Canada’s premier fibreglass pool manufacturer, with a focus on delivering high quality Canadian-made pools. Our unique design features an integrated multi-layered laminate engineered to ensure strength, longevity, and a beautiful aesthetic.