Otter Pools Product Range

Otter Pools manufacture more than just pools. As a sister company to Performance Poly-Tek, Otter Pools has the capability to create a range of accessories too. A new smaller version has been added to our swimming pool range, and we also have deck boxes available in a range of colours, as well as swimming pool slides. We will also have additional options available soon too, such as hot tubs and a tanning ledge!

Swimming Pools Range


Shuswap Basic

Little Shuswap

Little Shuswap Basic


Griffen Basic hot tub

Tanning Ledge

Tanning Ledge Basic

Pool Sizes

Otter Pools has a range of fibreglass in-ground pools available in three different sizes to fit any yard or garden.

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Otter Pools
Otter Pools

Shuswap: 32′ x 12′

An installed 32' x 12' Otter Pool.

Little Shuswap: 24′ x 12′

An installed 24' x 12' Otter Pool.

Mara: 20′ x 7′

An 8' x 20' swimming pool being finished.

25 YEARS limited WARRANTY on the structural pool shell.
7 YEARS gel coat limited WARRANTY.

Deck box latch detail

Deck Boxes

Our new deck boxes are the perfect for storing all of your pool equipment and toys when not in use.

Deck boxes come in a range of colours to suit any pool landscape colour scheme.

Contact us for full details.


Deck box lid
A white deck box from Otter Pools.
A black deck box from Otter Pools.
A blue deck box from Otter Pools.
A green deck box from Otter Pools.
A red deck box from Otter Pools.

Pool Slides

Now available, our pool slides add an additional fun feature to your Otter Pool. Made of tough fibreglass, your whole family will love the thrill of splashing into the water at speed!

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Newly manufactured pool slide from Otter Pools.
Pool slide in place
Another freshly made fibreglass pool slide from Otter Pools

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Otter Pools

Otter Pools is Western Canada’s premier fibreglass pool manufacturer, with a focus on delivering high quality Canadian-made pools. Our unique design features an integrated multi-layered laminate engineered to ensure strength, longevity, and a beautiful aesthetic.