Pool Manufacture: How Are Our Pools Made?

Designed and manufactured at our plant at the Performance Poly-Tek facility, Otter pools have a beautiful integrated design, formulated to ensure strength, flexibility, and longevity. The layers that have been incorporated have been carefully selected to guarantee that our pools are of the highest quality and are meticulously inspected by our technicians between each step. The multifaceted structural layering and manufacture ensures that our pools are ideally suited to handle everything from the challenges of a rambunctious family to the rigors of the harsh Canadian climate.

Quality Manufacture & Construction

1. Mold Preparation

Prior to each pool’s creation, the mold is cleaned and inspected. Any defects in the mold would result in flaws in the pool, which is why we keep our molds in pristine condition.

2. Gel Coat Application

The gel coat is the protective layer that will ensure a beautiful finish for many years. It is carefully applied to the mold and supervised to ensure that it reaches the optimal cure.

3. Epoxy Vinyl Ester Application

The epoxy vinylester gives the pool its waterproof quality and blister resistance. It is meticulously applied to the gel coat to ensure a strong and cohesive seal.

4. Structural Core

We apply several layers of multi-directional core to provide better than industry standard strength to the pool. We guarantee that every square inch of the pool has been worked and inspected multiple times to ensure that we maintain the highest manufacturing standards.

5. Final Hardware

The final stage includes installing our aluminum support frame, as well as lifting hardware for transportation.

After final inspection, your pool is complete and ready to be delivered to you for installation!

25 YEARS limited WARRANTY on the structural pool shell.
7 YEARS gel coat limited WARRANTY.

Otter Pools

Otter Pools is Western Canada’s premier fibreglass pool manufacturer, with a focus on delivering high quality Canadian-made pools. Our unique design features an integrated multi-layered laminate engineered to ensure strength, longevity, and a beautiful aesthetic.