When it comes to maintaining your pool, you need to do more than just install a good filtration system. A filtration system’s job is to keep your pool water clean and debris free. However, lingering leaves, dirt and debris can still remain on the surface and bottom of your pool. Keeping your filters clean is also a task that should be completed monthly to ensure maximum cleanliness and long lasting results.

The following is a list of tips and tricks to ensure your pool is looking and feeling its best!

  • Surface Skimming: Skimming the surface of your pool is a process in which a net is used to collect and scoop out unwanted leaves, dirt, branches, bugs and more
  • Pool Vacuum: A pool vacuum is a device used to suck up dirt and grime off of the bottom and walls of your pool
  • Wall and Side Brushing: If your pool is made of concrete use a stiff brush to release grime off your walls. If your pool is made of fiberglass use a softer brush to avoid scratches and cracking
  • Deck Cleaning: Regularly cleaning the deck around your pool will help to keep your deck bacteria free and make the surface less slippery
  • Systematic Cleaning: Cleaning your pool, the deck and filtration system weekly helps prevent bacteria forming, creating slippery surfaces, grime filled pools and a clogged filtration system which makes the pool less sanitary.
  • Pool Covers: Choosing the right pool cover is the best way to ensure minimal dirt and grime come into contact with the surface and bottom of your pool
  • Checking your pool water levels: Checking the levels on your pool 2-3 times a week guarantees clean and healthy water

Speak with professionals like Otter Pools, and with those who install your pool. You should also research your type of pool to find out its proper maintenance needs. This is a great way to protect your pool from damages and rapid deterioration.